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Clothing / E-Waste Event

 Bring your e-waste and clothing to be recycled on August 7, 2019.  E-Waste could include anything with a cord, including TV’s, computers, or any small kitchen appliance excluding microwaves. Large appliances do not qualify for this event. Please contact us to schedule a removal of your large appliance. UNWANTED CLOTHING: Any clothing that you wish to donate will be up-cycled with 50% of PIN Waste proceeds donated to Generosity Water. Generosity Water is a non-profit that provides clean water sources in developing nations.

Note: You must sign up for this event BEFORE August 6, 2019 Questions?
Call us: (858) 848-9278
Email us:

Welcome to the Chaumiere Board

Congratulations and welcome to the newest Chaumiere
Board Members Alice Porter and Nick Lalonde elected at the
2019 Annual Meeting!


Did you know that you could help your association save money in monthly mailing costs if you elect to receive e-statements instead of receive paper statements? You have the option to elect e-statements through your Resident portal.

Your Association needs your help!

Your association needs your help!

The Chuamiere did not receive enough ballots to achieve quorum at the April 3rd annual meeting. Quorum is the minimum number of votes required for your association to conduct business. If you have not voted or missed placed your ballot please contact your Community Manager at to find out what you need to do to make sure your vote counts.

Thank you

Pet Owners

  • Pet owners have the absolute duty and responsibility to properly pick up their pet’s waste and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.
  • Owners shall prevent their pets from soiling any portion of the Common Area and/or neighboring properties and shall be fully responsible for any damage to the Common Area and/or neighboring properties caused by their pet.


Rule Reminders

 Garages shall be used primarily for parking vehicles only and shall not be converted to use for other purposes.
 Guest parking is for guests only, not for residents to use.
 The speed limit within the Association is 15 MPH.

Parking Rule Will be enforcement Starting January 2019

**Parking Rule Will Be Enforcement Starting January 2019**
Towing will be at owners Expense!
 All streets within Chaumiere are considered fire lanes. Vehicles parked on the streets are subject ‘to immediate tow at owner’s expense without notice to the vehicle owner.
 If you have 2 cars they most both fit and be parked inside your garage. No exceptions! This rule will be strictly enforced beginning January 2019.

5.13.17 Paper Shredding Event

Chaumiere HOA’s refuse vendor is hosting a free community event!  Don’t miss out!

Paper Shredding Event Date:

May 13th Time: 11:30am-12:30pm

Location: The cul-de-sac on the Pasadero side of the community where there is a closed gate to Pomerado.

How to Participate A shredding truck will be located in the cul-de-sac on the Pasadero side of the community where there is a closed gate to Pomerado. Please bring any documents you wish to have shredded and we will take care of the rest! Please note there are no sign ups required.

If you have any questions: Call PinWaste

♦ Call us! (858) 848-9278 ♦ Email us! ♦ Log on!

E-Statements= Association Cost Savings!

Did you know that you can help your association save money in monthly mailing costs if you elect to receive e-statements instead of receive paper statements? You have the option to elect e-statements through your VIVO portal.

Start by visiting and go to MY ACCOUNT on the top bar on the homepage.  By joining VIVO AND electing to receive an e-statement, you can be part of your association’s savings.

In order to elect receiving e-statements, the process is two-fold.

  1. You must register for VIVO. Go to and go to MY ACCOUNT on the top bar on the homepage.
  2. Once you have created your VIVO account, on your homepage in your account you must look to the right near bottom of screen for a green box to check that you want E-Statements.


Just because you are registered to VIVO and signed up for ACH payments does NOT MEAN you are getting e-statements.  You must be sure to check off the green box electing to receive e-statements!

April 2017 Newsletter

Board of Directors Meeting

The April 2017 Board of Directors Meeting has been cancelled due to lack of quorum.  The next scheduled Board of Directors Meeting will be on June 7, 2017 at 6pm in the Clubhouse.

SDG&E Alerts

With the warmer weather upon us, be sure to sign up for SDG&E’s Reduce Your Usage program.  This will alert you of peak hours so you know when to turn down your electric usage to save on your monthly bill.

Dark Stains on Stucco and Painting

Have you noticed dark spots from moisture on the stucco of your home?  Perhaps you’ve been considering power washing or repainting.  Now that spring has sprung, this is the best time of the year to start planning for that!  Don’t wait too long before the dark spots become a problematic stain!

Vehicle, Parking and Towing Rules and Regulations

Management and the Board would like to take this opportunity to remind owners to follow the Vehicle, Parking and Towing Rules and Regulations of the community.  Please remember that garages are to be utilized for parking of owner vehicles and not to be used as storage.  Additionally, it is important to communicate that guest parking is not overflow parking for owners and/or tenants and shall be reserved for temporary guest parking for visitors in the community.

Proper Trash Disposal

Please be sure to deposit all of your refuse within the assigned Waste Management provided to ensure that your refuse is collected on the scheduled collection day.  If an owner has additional waste that needs to be removed, please contact the refuse broker, Global Disposal, prior to the scheduled pick up date so that they may notify Waste Management of the additional waste that needs to be hauled.  The contact information for Chaumiere’s refuse broker is Global Disposal, and they can be reached by email or telephone. Global Disposal Customer Service:  (858) 848-9278

Vivo Portal

Have you signed up for Vivo Portal yet?  It is the easiest way to pay your assessments, report any maintenance issues and report any non-compliances.  Please register today at  You will need your 12 digit account number, which can be found on your statement beginning with “8155.”



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