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Pet Owners

  • Pet owners have the absolute duty and responsibility to properly pick up their pet’s waste and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.
  • Owners shall prevent their pets from soiling any portion of the Common Area and/or neighboring properties and shall be fully responsible for any damage to the Common Area and/or neighboring properties caused by their pet.


Rule Reminders

 Garages shall be used primarily for parking vehicles only and shall not be converted to use for other purposes.
 Guest parking is for guests only, not for residents to use.
 The speed limit within the Association is 15 MPH.

Parking Rule Will be enforcement Starting January 2019

**Parking Rule Will Be Enforcement Starting January 2019**
Towing will be at owners Expense!
 All streets within Chaumiere are considered fire lanes. Vehicles parked on the streets are subject ‘to immediate tow at owner’s expense without notice to the vehicle owner.
 If you have 2 cars they most both fit and be parked inside your garage. No exceptions! This rule will be strictly enforced beginning January 2019.

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Management Team

Community Manager
Brandy Martinez | bmartinez@actionlife.com

Manager Assistant
Marco Casillas | mcasillas@actionlife.com

Management Company

Action Property Management
Regional Office
1133 Columbia Street, Suite 404
San Diego, CA 92101
p. 949-450-0202
f. 949-341-1187

Corporate Office
2603 Main Street, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92614
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f. 949-450-0303